Your support makes a difference!

Every dollar matters. We appreciate your support. Currently the Opera is raising funds for a new roof and inside updates, including new flooring in part of the Great Hall, new light and sound equipment, updated reception area furniture and renovated sound booth. Our 1900s historic building is always in need of updates and repairs. Your donations help keep our facility looking beautiful.

Individuals and businesses provide vital support to Pella Opera House through generous gifts.

2023 also brings new opportunities for programming and youth involvement with Y.E.S! (Youth Entertainment Series) and summer educational options. Both donor support and support through our annual Festival of Trees fund raiser at Christmastime make it possible for the Opera House to offer these programs at free or reduced cost for our youth.

Individual and business gifts and sponsorships are vital to the support of our historic facility and help underwrite our programming, theatre entertainment and operating expenses.

There are many ways to make a gift to the Opera House, and each gift option has potential tax benefits to the member who itemizes his or her deductions. Under current tax laws, you can make a Qualified Charitable Distribution up to $100,000 from your IRA if you are over 70-1/2 years old.  For additional information on supporting Pella Opera House, please contact Cyndi at or call (641) 628-8625.

Pella Opera House Endowment Fund

Play Your Part Now & Leave Your Legacy

Give a gift that will help Pella Opera House now and in the future. During varying economic conditions, the Endowment Fund provides financial stability to the Opera House’s operations so that an historically significant building on the National Register as well as live performances maintain their fundamental place in Pella’s cultural life. As the Pella Opera House experiences a renaissance, your gift ensures the power and beauty where culture meets history in Marion County for generations to come. Play your part now.

Planned Giving Society—Join Today!

Planned gifts are a simple way to leave your legacy through a bequest, charitable trust, gift annuity, life insurance, retirement plan or gift of personal property. The Planned Giving Society recognizes donors who have generously contributed to secure the future of the Opera House. For information on planned gifts, contact Cyndi at or call (641) 628-8625.

Corporate Support

Corporate support from local and national companies is essential to the Opera House’s ability to maintain its position as a cultural leader in Southeast Iowa. Many businesses in our community understand the economic benefits of partnering with the Opera House—both for themselves and for our entire region.

Why the Opera House is an Essential Part of the Community

Live entertainment performances keep discretionary spending in Pella. Performance-goers eat in area restaurants, visit area shops, tour other historic places, stay in area hotels, and pay taxes on these services. Our children’s classroom learning is enriched through Pella Opera House’s Youth Entertainment Series. The Opera House’s presence enhances the entire region’s quality of life, helping chambers and businesses recruit other businesses and employees.

How Partnering with Pella Opera House Benefits Your Business:

More than one-half (56%) of those with an interest in the arts say they would almost always or frequently patronize a business that sponsors arts organizations or cultural events over one that does not. Almost one-half (48%) of Americans with an interest in arts and cultural events expressed higher trust in companies that sponsor these events.*

Pella Opera House offers unique opportunities to reach Opera House single ticket buyers, historians, members, supporters and the Southeast Iowa community through sponsorship and children’s education program underwriting. As a Pella Opera House corporate supporter, area businesses are able to:

  • Develop and/or strengthen corporate branding and awareness efforts.
  • Reach highly desirable, affluent and loyal audiences with a message about your company, brand, product and/or service.
  • Maximize your corporate advertising investment by utilizing a cost-effective alternative to traditional advertising vehicles—the audience defines the relevance of your message and therefore guarantees likely acceptance and success.
  • Enhance your current marketing efforts through grass roots, lifestyle-based marketing.
  • Establish a powerful association with one of Pella’s oldest and most prestigious cultural and historic organizations.

Ways Your Business Can Ensure the Cultural Vitality in Pella and Surrounding Communities

Businesses may become involved with the Opera House in the following ways:

Production Sponsorship

Sponsorship of a Pella Opera House production offers your company broad community exposure through print and radio advertisement, in-hall recognition and customer and employee appreciation through entertainment value. Sponsorship benefits include production tickets and pre-concert, intermission and post-concert receptions. All sponsorship options will enable your business to maximize its support of the Opera House to further its advertising, marketing and public relations objectives by demonstrating its presence and commitment to the quality of life in Pella, while entertaining clients, executives and employees in a sophisticated manner.

Education Program Underwriting

By underwriting the Opera House’s children’s education offerings, your business makes an investment in Pella’s future. All education programs strengthen our region’s schools by enhancing our children’s ability to learn other classroom subjects through arts and social studies education. According to The College Entrance Examination Board, children who receive arts education at an early age score higher on standardized tests such as the SAT and reading proficiency exams because early sensory and motor development influences later cognitive, perception and language skills.

*Performance Research, Inc.

If your business is interested in a Pella Opera House concert sponsorship or underwriting a Pella Opera House education program, please contact Cyndi at (641) 628-8625 or email at for a customized proposal.