Membership & Support

Become a member!

There are many ways to support Pella Opera House, but one of the most important is by becoming a member.

The Membership Fund ensures that the Opera House will continue to be a vibrant presence in downtown Pella. Annual memberships help to provide artistic excellence, vibrant programming, and stimulating educational and community outreach programs. These are just some of the ways your membership impacts Pella Opera House and our community. Consider becoming a member today!

Membership gifts of all sizes are put to immediate use by the Opera House to hire artists and performers, musicians, staff, develop artistic and educational programs, present concerts, maintain the opera house and fund operational expenses.

Did you know it takes much more than ticket sales to bring live entertainment to the Pella community each year?

Ticket sales cover only 20% of the Opera House’s annual expenses. The remaining 80% is provided by our memberships and through charitable contributions.

Did you know:

it can cost $20,000 or more to produce a Pella Opera House production?

the Opera House commits at least $10,000 each year to education and community outreach programs?

the Opera House is the only museum in the area that provides access and tours for free?

Pella Opera House is grateful for the generous support it receives each year. This investment reflects the commitment from the community to the Opera House’s health and vitality, and the interest in its past, present and future. Gifts of all sizes are meaningful and are critical to the Opera House’s continued growth and success.

Become a member now and the drinks are on us!

We honor our members by providing recognition in the lobby prior to shows, and we also provide vouchers for drinks and popcorn at the concession stand prior to shows. A member reception is also held during the Festival of Trees each year, and we look forward to seeing you at this event!

For more information on membership, contact Cyndi at or call (641) 628-8625.

Membership Levels:


$25–99—includes 2 concession vouchers


$100–499—includes 4 concession vouchers


$500–999—includes 6 concession vouchers


$1000–2,499—includes 8 concession vouchers


$2,500+—includes 10 concession vouchers

For more information on membership, contact Cyndi at or call (641) 628-8625.